‘Plastic’ is one word that we listen every time! Earlier it came with its attractive features, such as light weight, beautiful colors and easy-to-use; but now everyone knows that these carry a lot of toxic chemicals that degrade the environment at a slow place. When so much of it is known to everyone, then why not adopt an alternative? Yes, you got it right! Today, we definitely need paper carry bags whether we are going for shopping or celebrating occasions with gifts packed inside them. The journey of using paper bags will go a long way; it can even be everlasting.

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Wait a minute! It is true that many people would buy these bags but how many of you would reuse them? The Earth demands sensitive people, who can understand the suffering of a planet and natural environment and start adopting amazing ways to protect the green surroundings. When you have the option of buying paper bags wholesale, then you must also go through some style tips of using them again (you will definitely get a positive outcome).

Let’s start playing with creativity:


You can have great fun with children at home as the most creative ideas come from their mind. A paper bag in brown can be cut into small pictures of stars, hearts and circles, and then a punch of colors will do the rest. You can make emoticons on these cutouts and paste them anywhere in your room for the best effect.


Though it seems outdated at times, but still drawing attracts the innocent and sensitive people. There are times when you can make a paper bag the best looking card ever; all you need is some customizing ideas and painting colors.


Be it the birthday of your friend or parents’ anniversary, you can always rely on paper bags. Use a fancy tape on its border and write a beautiful message with a bold pen. The handles of the bag would help you hand it on the nail. It will make you smile whenever you look at it.


You must reuse a paper bag by wrapping it on a gift; its impression will never fail. If you decide of saving the environment, then every small action will count.


While going out to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits, you must carry a paper bag. It doesn’t need a reason to state now as protecting environment is everyone’s concern now.


Buy some readymade stickers from the market and paste them on the front of the bag. And, now you have a funky trendy bag to carry to coaching classes, picnics and day outs with friends.


Out of all the ways, one effective way is to carry a brown bag to your work place with lunch box inside. This one step will motivate all your colleagues to adopt the same method, being environment friendly every day.