Paper bags have undergone lot of changes ever since 1852. Still now paper shopping bags are more common and more use than polythene bags. Paper bags are used by everyone at least once in their lifetime. Now a day’s most of the super market use paper bags as the main material for packing. If we distinguish between the two types of bags, paper bags are most widely used and easier to come across. Many shops have mandated the use of paper bags as some of them has banned the usage of plastic bags. Manufacturers have made sure that the paper bags they manufacture are more tough and durable so that one can carry a lot of things in it without the fear of breaking it. There are some paper carry bags which have proven to be more durable than the plastic ones.

The paper bags are manufactured from renewable natural resource. After using a paper bag when it gets discarded, it can be sent to the paper mills and can be remade in new paper. The time taken for these paper bags to degenerate is also lesser compared to other substances.  Paper bags are made from recycled materials. Recycling plastic bags are not always that simple. It clogs and disrupts the process. Whereas compared to the recycling paper bags, it is much easier and less time consuming. Another good side and benefit of using a paper bag is that one can tear out small pieces of that bag and use them in the composite line. There are many paper bags online store who sell a lot of different kinds of paper bags which comes in different shapes and sizes and colours.

 The well renowned and big brands have all introduced paper bags as their packaging medium. It looks good and stylish. The more the people notice these bags with the flashy company names, more it will work as advertizing their brand. Paper bags can be used over and over again. They can used for gifting, moreover these bags if used properly has a long shelf life. It does not have a choking hazard too. Assuming if any child playfully wraps their head around it, the kid will not choke as paper can be torn but if the same bag was to be a plastic bag then the kid face severe problems and may even asphyxiate.

There are many places in the city where one can find the designer and custom made paper bags wholesale. It is much classy that the plastic bags and the paper bags have no negative effects towards the environment. If someone is already using a paper bag then it can be taken anywhere for carrying purpose as there are some shops were plastic bags are not allowed to shop with. Either one to carry his or her own bag or buy the shops bags.

Paper bags are mainly used for a few simple reasons; it is eco friendly as it decomposes and merges with the soil. Secondly, it looks really classy and there come in various shapes sizes and colours. It is less costly and lastly it’s in the trend. It is strongly recommended after keeping the benefits in mind to switch to paper bags from plastic bags.